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Go live Time : 01 March 2011, 05:54 AM
Sex education is a sensitive subject and must be taught according to the mental maturity of each child. Some children are ready for a lot of information at ages 9 or 10. Other children, even in the same family, are not ready for the same information until they are 13 or 14.

The problem with classroom sex education is that you have 20-25 children all of the same physical age, but of different levels of mental maturity. It is, therefore, impossible to design classroom sex education programs that are right for all the children in the class.

Sex education must be taught to children one-on-one. It could be taught by the parents, or the family doctor, or a trusted nirse or other individual. But, it must be one-on-one and not in a school classroom.

Note: The famed James Sedlak has contributed this camp statement. However, since there are no direct supporters of this camp yet, Brent Allsop has volunteer to support this camp in a sympathetic way for those that believe this. We are looking forward to when someone in this camp is willing to support it in more than a sympathetic way.

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