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Go live Time : 02 August 2018, 12:37 AM
Members of this camp believe that although AGW is clearly a real phenomenon, and even a potentially dangerous one, we believe that it is not so serious as to justify proposed solutions such as cap and trade. We believe that these "solutions" may do more harm than good, and may not be worth their potential cost to the economy.

Reasons why people might believe that AGW is not a critical immediate problem may differ between members of this camp. For example, some may think that solar power performance is improving, and that in the next few years it will pass parity with more traditional power sources, after which the laws of economics will solve the global warming problem without further intervention. Others believe that if we can survive the current economic problems, exponential technological change will allow removing C02 from the atmosphere cheaply and efficiently. Others believe that global engineering methods (such as fertilizing the oceans with iron to encourage algae blooms that will consume the C02) will solve the problem more cheaply and easily than would cap and trade solutions.

Although we may differ in our reasons (a matter for further sub camp discussion), at this level we simply agree that cap and trade (and other solutions like it) would damage the economy enough that it would do more harm than good, even though global warming is real.

Because we believe that AGW is real, some of our group members may believe that other, less drastic, measures (such as further research or renewable subsidies) are appropriate, and some may not, which is a matter for further sub-camp discussion.

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