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Many claim there is a 'scientific consensus' on the issue of Global Warming. But is there really? There are several indicators some claim indicate otherwise, such as petitions like the Manhattan Declaration allegedly signed by hundreds of scientists, and the Global Warming Petition Project allegedly signed by tens of thousands.
The goal of the grass roots developed is to bring some modern rationality to controversial scientific issues such as this and finally once and for all do some real measuring or surveying of the people involved to get some concise and quantitative numbers to put behind some of these claims.
Modern internet tools such as automated social networking, peer ranking of experts, collaborative validation of signatures or support by everyone, bottom up delegated support structures, wiki technologies, networked systems and game rules for collaborative development of statements that harness biases and self interests to everyone's advantage and so on should be able to easily bring some rational and methodology to the many baseless claims of yes there is, no there isn't a consensus on such scientific issues.
If you are a scientist in this field, or you know someone you trust who is, please let us know how you feel on this issue by at least supporting a camp. Or even better help to develop the most concise, rational, and well supported camp statement on this issue and help us improve this process.

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