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Go live Time : 04 May 2008, 06:32 PM
We believe it will eventually be possible to fulfill all significant and true desires long before we have Godly powers. We believe that anything anyone could truly want is of value, and that everyone should seek to maximize all such for everyone. While we are still quite a way from achieving all this perfectly for everyone, we believe the goal of seeking after as much of such as possible for everyone, especially our children and lesser people, as justly as possible, should be the primary rational or moral compass used to direct all moral decisions.

By "true desires", we are taking about when people are mistaken about what they are choosing, for any reason, from lack of knowledge, temptation, to randomness in the decision process. Any mistaken will or choice made because of any such is not a true desire and detracts from true agency, or ability to get what one really wants.

By "significant desires", we are talking about tangible and meaningful desires. For example, the difference between satisfying a will near infinitely, and infinitely, is not something we believe is significant or worth worrying about at this time. We will be plenty satisfied with near infinite satisfaction, or anything that is even trillions of times what we have now. Maybe someday we will worry about such, but for the time being, we'll settle with seeking after trillions of times what we have now or whatever, for everyone.

Such a moral philosophy seems to be troubling for people that believe in a sentient God. For if all of our true will is good, then why is God not helping us to better know and get what we want or make the choices we all really want to make? Rather than abandon their belief in God, many seem to be much more willing to hatefully think that there are evil or sinful beings that ultimately must be dealt with in punishing or hateful ways, like "thrusting them down to hell" or casting them out of heaven or out of society and so on. We, of course think differently.

Many people seem compelled to argue endlessly for why we must abandon our hope that all true will can be satisfied for everyone. Most arguments, and all of the most powerful arguments we know of fall with these classes of arguments described below. People seem compelled to attempt to try to come up with better arguments, and never make an effort to find creative and wonderful solutions to such. We believe them all to be futile, mistaken, misguided, or simply faithless. Ultimately, we very much believe in the tried and true saying: 'Where there is a Will, There is a Way" and we believe this applies to everyone - no matter what they truly want.

Lack of Sufficient Resources

Of course, if there is not enough food for all to make it through the winter, at least some will die of starvation. This results in obviously mutually exclusive wills since most everyone desires to be one of the survivors. Limited resources have been the cause of many wars and feuds. Of course, once everyone has easy access to all the quality food they could want, such an apparently mutually exclusive wills can all be satisfied. Until we have plenty enough for everyone, we simply need to work to make the distribution of all such as justly as possible while eternally pushing for the day when there will be significantly more for all.

Mistaken Wills

The more our information is lacking or mistaken, the more chance there is that we will think we are doing what we really want, when in fact we can be mistaken. Even randomness in our decisions can cause us to not make the choice we really want. Anything like this, that tends to make one make the wrong choice, prevents true free will, or the ability to reliably get what one truly wants.

Anything that causes such mistaken choices will often conflict with choices of others that have more information, or not making the same logical errors and so on. The obvious and easy resolution to such, is to successfully help the mistaken one to have more complete and accurate information, so everyone can more reliably make a choice they really want, instead of a conflicting mistaken choice.

Miss Wired Wills

We believe phenomenal joys and pleasures are a big part of spiritually motivated consciousness. Such pleasures, and their contrary pains, are what nature has used as the carot / stick to motivate us to do what it wants us to do. While these puppet string wirings controlled by our creator are sometimes wired in our best interest, sometimes they are not. True, we can 'resist' and sacrifice the carrot offered, and to some limited degree change the wiring - but we look forward to having true freedom and achieving complete ability to instantly and easily rewire any such pleasures - to result in what we want to be motivated to do instead.

Nature has wired some of us to be very aggressive and even to enjoy pleasure when others suffer. Primitive religions tend to harshly judge such individuals as evil, when in reality, if they had the power, they would always choose to rewire such miss wired temptations to do something very different than hurt others.

I Want to be the Boss of Everyone

We believe any such will falls in the mistaken will category described above. However, for arguments sake, let us assume there could be some value that someone could find, in having a chance to be the boss and / or have more than everyone else. If this is the case, then this argument then falls in the lack of resources camp - only one can be the boss of everyone, or have more than everyone. And in the future we will be able to create copies of ourselves, and see no problem in dedicating a small part of ourselves to make a loved one happy.

But assume someone demands that even this isn't good enough - they demand to control all of everyone. But if we are immortal, then we can simply take turns. If there are 100 people, then everyone would get to be the boss of everyone 1% of the time. And of course 1% of infinity is still infinity.

Some still seem to insist that some will just want to be the boss all the time. We consider this to be in a class of the not significant conflicting wills. If you can be the boss of everyone for an infinite amount of time, this isn't significantly different than being the boss of everyone, all the time. And we believe having the lesser infinite amount, is plenty and infinitely better than what we have now. And, once we start approaching true Godhood, things like this could become more significant. We have faith and hope that when they do, we have faith that our new Godly powers will enable us to resolve even these - what now should merely be considered distant worries.

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