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Go live Time : 27 April 2008, 05:56 PM

1. Before birth, and after death, we are nothing. But our 'intelligence' or shape or state has always existed. In other words, the possibility that if you assembled sufficient stuff into our current state we would exist has always been true, and in fact could never be false. The memory of us, or the effects we have on the universe, especially through our children, leaves an eternally expanding influence on all subsequent reality after we die. There is only one possible us that could perfectly explain everything in this eternally expanding wake in the progressing extropy/entropy of the universe.

There are spirit worlds, representing only the behavior of physical reality produced by our brains, utilizing phenomenal properties of the physical matter in our brains. At the center of each of our still isolated spirit worlds of our conscious awareness is a spiritual representation of our body. Tickling of our toes is spiritual and is produced, or more accurately exists as a property of stuff in the brain. It only feels like it is in our toes because it is in our spiritual knowledge of our toes, at the center of our spirit world, all in and part of our brain.

We have a spirit that exists in this spirit word inside our head. Unlike our spiritual knowledge of our body, and our spiritual knowledge of everything else in physical reality, our spirit has no referent in physical reality. This in no way means that our spirit does not exist. Reality exists, and our spiritual knowledge represents it. But without a referent in reality, spiritual knowledge is still real. We, in fact, know that this spirit exists, and what it is spiritually like, more than we know anything else about reality.

2. Our parents are our creators. In general, each generation produces a next generation that is better than themselves. The speed of this improvement process has always been increasing at least exponentially in all ways.

3. Our propose is to get everyone all that they truly want and ultimately to make the entire universe spiritually unified and alive.

4. Many people believe that when we die, we will meet "all of our dearly departed". We believe just the opposite - that the first thing we will experience after we die will be meeting all of our surviving children - they, resurrecting all who don't make it. After this, we believe that there will never be any more such miserable isolation for anyone, forever more.

Currently, our spirits are trapped inside the spirit worlds within the mortal walls of our skulls. All we can know of the outside world are its cause and effect behaviors. All of nature's true phenomenal properties and the natures of other minds are still ineffable to us.

We believe that science is about to discover the hows and whys of the phenomenal nature of the stuff our brains utilize to produce our conscious spirit worlds. We believe that all of nature has, in addition to its behavioral cause and effect properties, ineffable phenomenal properties blind to traditional cause and effect observation.

This phenomenal discovery will enable us to eff and finally pierce this ineffable spiritual veil. No longer will we only know what half of a hug phenomenally feels like. The piercing of this veil will finally enable our spirits to escape from the mortal spiritually isolating walls that are our skulls as described in more detail in the story 1229 years after Titanic.

For more information, including a fictionalized short story about what resurrection, transfiguration, and uploading will be like entitled "1229 Years After Titanic" see Brent Allsop's web page.

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