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Our beliefs are consistent with LDS beliefs about the Plan of Salvation. In some cases we interpret things a bit differently than is done popularly within the church. We include a broader scope of material to base our beliefs on, including personal validations.
1. We are eternally conscious spirits inhabiting mortal bodies. Consciousness before and after death is enhanced or at least our memories are fully restored. Even in our initial "intelligent" state we are vast, multilevel, and multidimensional beings.
2. We believe in reincarnation. As spiritual beings, between turns in this physical existence, we live spiritually and interact with God and everyone, with perfect memories. Communication between our world and this spirit world is occasionally possible through such things as visions and channeling. Something like cryonic preservation of our body would interfere with this process of returning and being reincarnated again.
3. Our purpose here in life is to create a kind of real life drama and become various characters in such.
4. When we die, we will simply be reunited with all beings not currently alive.

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