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In addition to the parent LDS camp statement of belief, we believe in the following additional details.
1. The spirit without the body is less conscious than we are with a physical body.
2. Our universe is likely being simulated by a super universe, which could also be simulated by yet another infinite universe, and so on. The spirit world is likely at some parent level simulation on which our current physical simulation is running. Whether or not there is a basement level reality doesn't really mater, it could be infinite simulations all the way down.
3. Hell is only a temporary state, partially due to our chosen actions, which we must overcome, ourselves. We believe it will be possible to progress between kingdoms after judgment.
4. If we make it to the millennium, our bodies will be made immortal through a technological transfiguration process in a "twinkling of an eye". While we are dead, we will wait in the spirit world in a lesser state until we can be resurrected with our transfigured bodies, to continue on our eternal progression towards Godhood. We will then, like our God, continue the process of creating worlds without ends, either in this universe, or in simulated ones.

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