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1. Our "intelligence" is eternal and was joined up with our spirit as spiritual children of our God. Together these were joined with our physical body here on earth to make our complete soul. The memory of our pre existence has been veiled from us during our mortal stay on earth.
2. Before we were born on earth we were spirit children of God. We lived with him and others waiting for our turn on earth to gain a physical body in the spiritual pre existence.
3. Our purpose is to progress eternally in all things including Joy. We are here to gain a physical body, grow and be forged in the fiery furnace of mortal trials. This earthly life is also a trial to determine who is worthy to live with God and gain similar powers.
4. If we die before the millennium or before Christ Returns, our spirits will return to the spirit world, where we will be met by our already dead ancestors. If we make it to the millennium, our bodies will be made immortal in a transfiguration process in a "twinkling of an eye". We will wait in this spirit world without our bodies, until resurrection or the reuniting of our spirit with our transfigured physical bodies. The worthy ones will be in a paradise, and the unworthy in a hell during this temporary period before resurrection. Ultimately, after a judgment, our souls will be separated into "three degrees of glory", the Celestial, where God is, the Tillestial, and the Terrestrial, each of successively lesser glory.

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