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Go live Time : 10 May 2012, 02:30 PM
This is a highly experimental node on many fronts, nevertheless support for this camp is nothing less than completely sincere.

As our technological infrastructure becomes more self-sufficient, the need for actual human labor will continue to diminish. At some point, it will become entirely redundant. At that point, there will be no need for the human body as an instrument of intelligence. When that happens, we will be free to express ourselves in ways that would have been entirely infeasible in earlier times.

By far the most attractive of which, to my mind, is the idea of radical breast expansion. The slate of transhumanist technologies, when not wasted on brain uploading, can far more productively be used to solve the technological and physical problems of pushing the limits of how big tits can get. It is reasonable to suspect that a total breast weight of a ton or more is feasible in the 1G environment here on earth. In space, even larger sizes should be possible right up to the thermal limits. (which affect all large biological or mechanical systems).

The unfortunate half of the population will require a means of gender reassignment that is far less unacceptable than current techniques.

When a desire is felt so strongly, it should be treated as a need and society should not obstruct one from trying to satisfy it.

To be perfectly clear, all costs should be borne by the involved parties.

(yes, the creation of this "camp" was the underlying motivation for the creation of the parent comp).

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