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Go live Time : 19 April 2008, 05:20 PM
Some people believe God has a plan for us here on earth. Most people believe we came from some pre earth life (even if that is unconscious nothingness where there is only the possibility of us existing), that we are here for some purpose, and we, or at least some of us, are going to some better place (even if that is only eternal rest in a grave, freeing our matter to become something else.)

What one believes about such things has profound influence on the values one has, and the way they chose to live their lives. The purpose of this topic is an open survey of what people think about this kind of purpose of life stuff. We hope this can become a concise and comprehensive survey, and a potential guide for all of us to improve our beliefs and values.

What is your plan and belief about a purpose of life? It is hoped that you will answer the following questions in your camp statements and include things like do you believe in a possibility of a universal salvation where everyone can get along more or less together, in all of their infinite diversity and stuff.

  1. What are we?
  2. Where did we come from?
  3. Why are we here, what is our purpose?
  4. Where are we going or what happens when we die?

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