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Go live Time : 23 March 2008, 04:06 AM

If God really exists, while there is evil, then there can be no hope. We believe that evils like isolation, crucifixion, and death will be overcome with a bit more human progress - long before there is anything near omnipotence.

To accept something like God must hide from us, and then must condescend to our level to suffer and be crucified, and so on, is not faith, but acceptance of the worst possible of all realities. We have faith and hope that as soon as there are any beings with anything like godly powers like immortality; all such will be able to easily raise everyone to their level, not the other way around.

Most people believe there is a God, and thereby believe much of the evil comes from our brothers and sisters. Many believe all the evil is just stuff "chosen" by our brothers and sisters. We think it is immoral the way the bible portrays much of humanity, and how it states that so many of us should be damned to hell. We believe people are all doing the best they can, for the most part. Instead of thinking that free will is so terrible, or instead of condemning and judging our brothers and sisters as the choosers of evil in damnable ways, we have faith and hope that the true god like powers we are about to achieve will give us all the abilities to choose what we all really want – and that is less of all the evil that still exist today.

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