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We are currently actively seeking companies to help us with software development in this

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Anyone company interested in applying for these jobs is invited to create a camp in the relevant job offer topic, with a camp statement describing how they are the best person for the job. The canonizer canonizer algorithm will be used to determine the top candidate.

Subject Matter Experts

The proof of concept subject matter was theories of consciousness. Experts become involved in their field of study and become world class recognized experts in their field. They attend conferences, publish papers, all with the goal of recruiting all other contributors to the field, hand-holding them as they ‘canonize’ their views, building and tracking consensus around the best path towards progress in that field. The ultimate goal is to supplant the peer reviewed journal industry in that field and enable Canonizer to become the trusted source of state of the art theoretical information in that field. If you are an expert in a theoretical field, especially one full of controversy and are passionate about building and tracking consensus around the best theories, reach out to us and open a discussion about what you think could be done in your preferred field.

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