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Ukraine Policy

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March 15, 1939, Nazi German forces entered Czechoslovakia. Adolph Hitler earlier claimed parts of Czechoslovakia as historic German territories. Diplomats negotiated peace and offered appeasement which were ignored by Adolph Hitler. 21 years after the devastating World War One, another world war began in Europe.


There are eerie similarities between Germany’s invasion of neighboring Czechoslovakia and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 24, 2022. Preceded by claiming “historic” Russia areas of Crimea in 2014, ignored diplomatic efforts and a policy of appeasement, Vladimir Putin started another war in Europe.

Russia is completely unjustified in this unlawful invasion. The United States and her allies should do everything in their power to prevent Russian adventurism. The people of Ukraine deserve freedom including continued aggression from their larger neighbor.

So, what should happen?

All Russian troops should withdrawn to internationally recognized boundaries including leaving the Crimea.

America should demonstrate a commitment to freedom and democracy so other rogue nations know that America will respond swiftly to all acts of military aggression that threaten her national interests.

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