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Go live Time : 06 September 2022, 05:39 PM

Sell Consensus Services to Cities

Along the lines of Nail It Then Scale It we should work with Sandy City, for free, to teach them how to make canonizer an indispensable tool for communicating with everyone in Sandy City. Show them how knowing what every city resident wants is a better way to do city governance.

Then once we can show what we've done for Sandy City, sell services such as consensus building survey tools, feedback tools, and so on to every city in the world, starting locally. Provide a way for residents to verify they are City residents, through the city billing system. If they pay a bill, they get a vote. This solves the identity/sock puppet issue. Then we can sell things like $1/person per month along with a custom canonizer algorithm for their city. We can also sell canonizer experts who are good at teaching residents how to build consensus. This will solve our two most critical problems: 1. identity, and 2 revenue.

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