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Go live Time : 28 September 2008, 01:04 AM
This topic is used by degree canonizers to determine claimed educational degrees. For example, if you have a PhD, and indicate such by joining one of the sub camps to the PhD camp, the PhD canonizer will grant you additional votes for being in that camp. To date there is only a Ph. D. canonizer. Others may be added latter.

All camps immediately under this agreement statement enumerate the general degree, such as a PhD, or masters level degree.

Each sub camp under that will represent a specific degree such as Bachelor of Science / Computer Science.

The content of the camp statements at that level will be a bullet list of institutions awarding such degrees, with bulleted lists of each of the people claiming that degree, and the year, from that institution. See this camp statement as an example.

Detailed Instructions

  1. If there is already a camp for your specific degree, in your field of study, go to step 3. Otherwise you must create a new camp. To do this start in the camp for the super camp. (ex: if you have PhD, go to that camp page by selecting the "Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy"super camp. From that camp page select . This will create a new camp under the "Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy" super camp.
  2. Fill in the specific degree, and the field in both the name and title field. (ex: . Other fields are not required.
  3. If there is not yet a statement for you camp, select the "add camp statement" link. Otherwise select the manage / edit statement link and select the "propose modification based on this version" for the most recent or the top record.
  4. If the institution from which you received the degree is not yet listed, add a top level bullet with a leading * and name your institution with the others in alphabetical order.
  5. In alphabetical order, with a leading double stare **, add your last name, first name followed by the year you received the degree. If you want, you can add additional personal notes in "( )"s.
  6. Finally, preview the new statement to be sure your new entry looks right and is consistent with the others. If it is select commit.
Note: If you are the first one in your camp, all changes will go live instantly. If not, the proposed changes will be in review for one week. If nobody objects, perhaps for such reasons as someone thinks your particular added institution isn't in the same class as the rest in the camp, your modifications will go live in one week.

If it is a new camp, the system must be configured to be recognized by the PhD canonizer. The system administrators will do this for you, and will take a few days.

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