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Gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon?

Little Cottonwood Canyon has played an important role throughout Utah's history.

The goal of this topic is to find what people want for Little Cottonwood Canyon. Please support a camp and let everyone know what you think is best!


30,000 years ago a 12 mile long glacier carved the deep "U" shaped canyon into the Wasatch Mountain Range.

1,000 years ago Freemont Indians lived in the area and left pictographs of their hunts.


When Mormon settlers arrived, granite blocks were quarried from the canyon to build the iconic temple in Salt Lake City. Later, granite blocks, from the\ same quarry was used to build the Utah Capitol.


In 1864, silver was discovered and the mining town of Alta. The boom town soon was home to 3,000 residents and income of up to $13,500,000 in ore.

In 1939, Alta Ski Resort opened its first lift taking advantage of the average 545 inches of annual snowfall. Alta and Snowbird Resorts now play host millions of visitors.


In 2009, 11,667 acres of land in and around Little Cottonwood Canyon received wilderness designation from the US Congress.

Today, Little Cottonwood Canyon is used for homes, cabins, recreation, industry, and a protected watershed.

There is controversy on if or how to protect and preserve the canyon but we can all agree that the canyon is worth preserving for future generations.

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