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Go live Time : 20 September 2022, 05:24 PM

Merge Parks and Rec with Alta Canyon

The current Parks and Recreation building is old, hazardous, and prohibitively expensive to remodel. The best course of action would be to abandon it altogether. Demolish it; sell the land, and use the money from the sale to make capital improvements to Alta Canyon Sports Center.

Alta Canyon improvements would also have the benefit of killing two birds with one stone, because the Parks and Rec staff could be relocated to the newly remodeled Alta Canyon facility. The remodel could also replace the basketball court in the old Parks and Rec staff facility.

To facilitate the merging of these two facilities, Alta Canyon residents should be given some form of compensation for the Sports Center they paid for through additional property taxes. This could take the form of lower user and membership fees for this portion of the city. The existing property tax paid by residents of the Alta Canyon Sports Center for the O&M of the Sports Center should then be eliminated.

The justification for Alta Canyon residents is that they were the only part of the city that was willing to pay additional property taxes to build additional parks and a Sports Center, at a time when these facilities were greatly needed. Thus, they paid additional property taxes to bond for $10 million dollars (the exact amount is uncertain) to build these parks and the Sports Center and make them available to all of Sandy City. The annual property tax was reduced to its current level to help pay for the O&M of the Sports Center when the capital bond was paid off. Another reason to support this proposal, is the Alta Canyon Special Services has tried multiple times to expand.

Further, Salt Lake County should be approached to see if they are willing to contribute to the expansion as they once were willing to contribute $1 million to expand the Sports Center.

If you support other priorities ahead of Alta Canyon but still believe this is a good idea, feel free to support those camps as a higher priority than this camp. If you support the Parks and Recreation camp as a higher priority camp, for example, this will communicate how much of the Alta Canyon project should be put towards Parks and Rec vs just the sports center.

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