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Go live Time : 08 July 2022, 01:13 PM

Public Works Fleet Facility

Members of this camp see the repair and improvement of the Sandy Public Works fleet facility as a top priority.

You can watch a video about it here.

The Public Works fleet facility was constructed in 1977. In 2017, a fire destroyed the administration offices and some shop space. The city replaced the administration offices and developed a phasing plan to construct buildings to replace the fleet maintenance and storage facilities. Even before the fire, we were acutely aware that an update or rebuild was necessary. Our mechanics and support staff are now servicing three times the number of fleet vehicles that the facilities were originally built for.

The maintenance and storage bays are not efficient and bringing vehicles in and out is time consuming and requires tight maneuvering at times. Deploying our snowplows requires up to two additional hours to move all of them in and out of storage each time when they are needed. Our mechanics are working on an unlevel floor in a structure that continues to rust and deteriorate, leaving them exposed to unsafe conditions as they try to maintain a modern fleet in an obsolete facility. We have inadequate storage for our expensive fleet vehicles, diminishing the overall useful life of the vehicles as they are exposed to the harsh summer and winter conditions.

Public Works serves every single household and business in Sandy by maintaining safe traveling conditions along with a myriad of other services. No person who lives in, works in, or simply visits Sandy is unaffected by this department and it is important to provide them with the tools necessary to complete the essential functions of a city government they fulfill. What’s more, we have the plans, the land, and the ability to start construction immediately on this project if we can obtain the funding.

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