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Go live Time : 04 August 2022, 03:19 PM

Fire Station 31 (including the Fire Department Administrative Offices)

Members of this camp view the improvement and repair of Fire Station 31 to be a top priority.

You can watch a video about it here.

Sandy City facing a critical loss of firefighters, and upgrading Station 31 is a necessary step toward retaining quality employees.

Like the Public Works Facility, our fire stations are crucial city buildings that serve each of our residents and businesses. We all hope that we will never need them in their official capacity, but draw comfort in knowing that if we do, they will be there. We are lucky to have such wonderful and dedicated fire fighters serving the Sandy community and they deserve to feel valued by our city. One of the ways to show this to any employee is by providing modern, safe, and comfortable working conditions.

Station 31 was constructed in 1984 and contains both a fully functional station as well as the administrative offices for our Fire Chief and staff. The small size of the building, continued water leaks and other building deficiencies, plus its location pose many challenges to the Fire Department. With the continued expansion of 9000 South, safe and timely access has become a big concern when responding to an emergency. The Cairns District is master planned for density, height, housing, and various mixed uses and will be where most of the city’s growth will occur. By relocating this station closer to Sandy’s downtown and providing an up-to-date station, we will be better equipped to handle the needs of a first-class city.

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