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City Building Needs

The purpose of this topic is for Sandy City residents to have a voice in determining where Sandy City should spend its money for its most pressing building needs.

You can rank what you consider to be the top priorities by joining and directly supporting any of the camps under this topic.

Several of the camps for this topic are taken directly from the Sandy City website and represent specific priorities of the City Council. As of this writing, at least one camp has been added which proposes merging the existing Parks and Rec department with Alta Canyon Sports Center. Users are encouraged to join an existing camp, but they are also welcome to add additional camps if none of the existing camps adequately represent their position.

The following information is taken from the Sandy City Website:


In 2017, the City reviewed the conditions of certain Sandy City facilities to plan for their long-term viability. At the time, all facilities that needed to be replaced or required major renovation in the next 20 years were considered in this initial Master Plan Report.

Those facilities included the Public Works Building, the Parks and Recreation Building, Fire Station 31, and the Alta Canyon Sports Center. Administration created a committee of Administration staff and Department Heads to consider the various issues associated with each building.

What needs attention in regards to these city buildings (capital projects)?

  • Maintenance costs continue to increase
  • Desperate need for replacement due to poor facility conditions
  • Safety risks and, in turn, the longevity and retention of dedicated employees
  • Expansion to meet the growing demands of a modern city
  • Poor location due to Sandy City’s community growth

Why improve these city buildings?

  • Public Works, Fire Station 31, Alta Canyon Sports Center and Parks & Recreation all provide services that benefit every address in our city
  • Fire Station 31 provides life safety services across the city
  • Public Works provides critical traffic and road maintenance for our public safety and our residents.
  • Alta Canyon Sport Center provides an amenity that is used by our community, but needs improvements to meet the needs of our community today and in the future
  • Parks & Recreation provide a crucial resource to our community with our parks & trails and our community recreation programs.
  • We need to consider the needs of our city for decades to come
  • Delayed improvements means growing costs to build in the future
  • These buildings have outlived their intended life cycle.
  • The City has put off the needs of these facility improvements long enough.

This topic is part of the Sandy City Consensus Project.

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