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Go live Time : 06 July 2022, 10:30 PM

Prioritized Tree Structure

Prioritized Tree Structures are composed of two types of topics:

  1. Ranking Branch Topics
    1. Only one level of camps, which will be referred to as Plank Camps.
    2. The ideal number of Plank Camps will be about 10, as any more than that becomes overwhelming.
    3. Other than plank ranking,there will be no other opinionated information in camps.
    4. Opinionated information will be contained in Opinionated Leaf Topics.
    5. Plank Camp statements (including agreement camp statements) will be composed of the following:
      1. Bread Crumbs: a set of links at the top showing the location in the tree.
      2. Title: A header matching the camp name. The camp name may be an abbreviation for breadcrumb comprehension purposes. If this is so, the full unabbreviated name should be contained in the header of the statement. It should be obvious that the two are the same, to avoid any confusion. Inbound links should also have the same name, again, so people know they’ve arrived at the right location.
      3. A link to one of these:
        1. Ranking Branch Topic
        2. Opinionated Leaf Topic
      4. May also contain a small amount of information describing the plank.
  2. Opinionated Leaf Topics are where the opinionated information is contained.
    1. They have the standard canonizer topic form, with an agreement statement at the root node.
    2. The agreement statement will indicate this topic is part of the platform of the people, and have a link back to the Plank Camp, linking it back to its location in the platform tree.

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