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Go live Time : 12 March 2023, 01:36 AM


Canonizer Shares

The Canonizer recognition shares used in this algorithm are openly tracked in the Master Canonizer Share Sheet. For more information see Contribution Recognition.

Canonizer Canonizer

The Canonizer Canonizer algorithm is used for canonizer community decision making, such as hiring new employees. It uses a "Quadratic Shares" algorithm where scoring is given based on the square root of the voter's shares. People with more shares deserve more of a say, but only to a degree. The intended outcome of this method is to prevent ‘whale’ share owners from possessing massive control.

This system may change at any time. Canonizer Shares are not are only to be seen as informal “recognition” for work done and do not represeny any legal form of ownership or asset of CANONIZER.COM LLC

Source code for all algorithms can be found on GitHub

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