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Go live Time : 11 March 2023, 12:44 AM


One Person One Vote

If you only join one camp, you will get one vote. You also are rewarded for only joining one camp, because that is the only way to get a full vote. You are welcome to join more than one camp in order of your preference, but joining multiple camps will cause your voting power to be dilluted by half for the first and each successive camp supported. The displayed scores are rounded up to the nearest hundreth, and the remaining score after distribtion is given back to the first camp. The folllowing is an example of score dillution for supporting three camps.

  •  First preference gets 0.5 votes + remaining 0.125. Displayed as rounded 0.63
  •  Second preference gets 0.25 votes. 
  •  Third preference gets 0.125 votes. Displayed as rounded 0.13

Source code for all algorithms can be found on GitHub

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