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Go live Time : 07 March 2023, 10:00 PM


 Republican Party

Joining the Republican party camp identifies you as a member of the United Utah Party for purposes of the Canonizer algorithm. This will allow your votes to appear when that algorithm is applied to exclude the votes of those who are not members of the United Utah Party.

You are welcome to join more than one camp in the topic in order of your preference, but joining multiple camps will dilute your canonized score as follows:

  •  First party preference gets 0.5 votes.
  •  Second party preference gets 0.25 votes.
  •  Third party preference gets 0.125 votes.
  •  Each successive party preference gets precisely half the vote total of the preceding preference. (In other words, Nth vote =(n-1)/2)
    Note: Your actual “vote” in any other topic/camp will depend on how many camps you support in that topic. You get your full “canonized score” if you only support one camp in that topic. If you support more than one camp, your top vote will only be half your total canonized score, and each successive camp will be half of that.

    For example, if you declare yourself a member of multiple parties in Prefered Political Party topic, your canonized score for your top party will be equal to your one-person-one-vote score in that camp (0.5). Then in another topic like the Platform of the People, if you support more than one camp there, your first choice vote will be half your canonized score. (0.25), and half again for each successive camp. Whereas if you only support one political party camp, and only one camp in a topic, you will get the full 1 point for that camp/topic.

Source code for all algorithms can be found on GitHub. 

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