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Go live Time : 05 July 2021, 01:32 AM

Ether Software Engineer

The Canonizer team is currently participating in the Ethereum Community, specifically with the Ethereum Cat Herders. We need a software engineer who can both help with Canonizer development and enable us to contribute more to the Ethereum community. The tasks that need to be done include:

  1. Assist with getting the Canonizer system scalable, and able to do continuous releases by having testing and deployment 100% automated. Once this is completed and the Canonizer system is ready for prime time, transition to spending near full time supporting the Ethereum Community.
  2. Attend Ether community meetings and assist with tasks.
  3. Help the cat herders with taking notes for technical community meetings.
  4. Help to continue developing the Ethereum Consensus Project, continued development of the Ethereum Canonizer Algorithms, enhancing its ability to help the ethereum community, especially when it comes to building and tracking consensus around controversial issues such that polarize the Ethereum Community.

There is a set of questions and tasks described in the Chief Software Architect job description topic. Answering those questions in your camp and contributing to the scaling design collaboration will help impress canonizer recognition shareholders.

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