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Go live Time : 09 February 2010, 06:32 PM
Constitutional democracy where the constitution:

1/ incorporates the universal declaration of human rights as a foundation and makes all laws to include the UDHR,

2/ asserts compassion, democracy, ethics, and scientific method to be prerequisites for survival of civilisation,

3/ defines and empowers the office of the people's Witness Of Truth [1].

The WOT should have powers of investigation and audit only, not powers of arrest - except where holders of records or information deny access to the WOT. The WOT should not powers to make laws either. The powers of the WOT can be invoked only by a petition of complaint signed by at least 10% of the members of a particular group, organisation or population and it should be about that group, organisation or population only but can include reference to any unlawful or unethical activities which threaten the health, safety, or economic security of others. Such a petition would cause the WOT to investigate whatever relevant activities and records considered necessary to resolve the true state of affairs of the group as described in the complaint.

The WOT should have 'terminator' powers such that he or she must continue the investigation until the matter is revealed after which away and with delay expressly forbidden in the job specification the WOT must place the results of the investigation before the parliament and in the public domain.

The constitution should impel the parliament to provide for all the resources necessary for completion of any WOT investigation.

Legal privilege should be not recognised by the WOT. Relevance to the issue should be the sole criterion for the extent to which facts are scrutinised and made public or not in each case.

There should be significant penalties mandated in the constitution itself in order to prevent false or vexatious petitioning. 5 years jail for all signatories if there was found to be no true issue.

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