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Platform Areas of Focus

A political party's platform should cover all relevant areas of focus
The business of the United States Government is to attend to the welfare of its citizenry, in all relevant respects, in accordance with the United States Constitution, with liberty and justice for all.

Accordingly, the people of the United States have, not only a right, but a serious responsibility to vet all candidates who desire to be in their service, on the basis of their qualifications, expertise, but most importantly, their resolve and commitment to represent the citizenry in good faith.

This is an open forum where all attitudes, opinions, and positions are welcome. Join the conversation and contribute to dialogue that can make a difference.

Specific areas of public interests are many. For convenience sake, to facilitate this research, we have divided them into the following general areas:

1) Justice
2) Defense
3) National Security
4) Intelligence Services
5) Economy
6) Education
7) Health and Welfare
8) Food and Energy Supplies
9) Management of Public Resources
10) Commerce and Labor
11) Foreign Affairs
12) Accountability

Our request of you, at this moment, is to consider each of the areas of focus listed above, and click on them, in the order of your own perceived urgencies. The most urgent first, and so on, following the instructions to indicate your support, and returning to this page.

Once having indicated your priorities and perceived urgencies by clicking on the topics above, in order of your preference, please click here and follow the instructions to reconfirm or change your order of priorities by dragging and dropping your supported items in the order of your preference.

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