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Go live Time : 08 November 2022, 05:41 PM

Platform of the People

The goal of this topic is to concisely and quantitatively track everyone's priorities for their government.

This topic consists solely of Plank Camps. Plank camps are designed for ranking purposes only. They contain minimal, non-opinionated camp statements. Each of the camps points to a topic where you can weigh in on all sides of those issues. In this root topic, the goal is for everyone to just rank each camp's priority, regardless of where you stand on any of those issues.

This is a place to unite the members of all parties, with a focus on what everyone agrees on. Democrats, Republicans, and Forward party members can select the canonizer algorithm that will only count the votes of their party. This will cause all the priorities to re-sort according to what that party wants, again, with a focus on the areas where everyone agrees.

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