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Go live Time : 17 October 2012, 01:48 AM

Transhumanist Beleifs

The World Transhumanist Association primarily due to the work of James J Hughes conducted several invaluable surveys about Transhumanism, including one in 2005 and 2007. The Mormon Transhumanist Association has also been doing similar surveys of its memebers.

In 2007, Canonizer.com started canonzing a set of these questions to be used for a way to select for how Transhumanist one was. The goal is to have a quantitative way to measure for a particular type of moral or scientific expert so that it could be used in the Transhumanist canonization algorithm. Additional goals include gaining a more comprehensive real time measure of what all Transhumanists believe by extending the work done in these surveys.

Here is the current sorted list of topics being used by the Transhumanist algorithm, sorted according to whatever Canonizer algorithm is selected on the side bar.

Note: The current transhumanist algorithm considers you a Transhumanist if you select "Yes" on most of the questions, and if you select "Approachable Via Science" on the consciousness question - or any of the supporting sub camps of such.

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