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Go live Time : 06 March 2008, 12:50 AM
The interface is very confusing. Sometimes I log out and clean the browser, but when I press on certain topics the Identity window shows I'm logged in again. Also, sometimes when I set canonizer type to some algorythim another one shows up, when I refresh it changes, etc. It's hard to explain. Perhaps we should organize a net conference with screen capture capability so we could see what is happening to individual client systems live and discuss it...

Brent Allsop Added this (Feb 27, 2008):

The canonizer algorithm problem had to do with an attempt to set the not modified since header on a page. Aperently, if apachie saw this value on the topic page, even if you changed the canonizer (changing the page) apachie thought the page didn't need to be regenerated. So you got an old canonizer algorithm. This has been turned completely off, so the problem no longer exists.

As far as the login state. I am unable to reproduce any of this. Perhaps this behavior could happen if you have multiple canonizer windows open. Multiple sessions could of course have different canonizer algorithms set, affecting other windows in various apparently random ways. This shouldn't be to much of a problem, because if it is not in the state you want, for whatever reason, you should be able to login or out as you desire.

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