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Each "camp" or statement needs a forum for discussions on improving the camp statement and structure. Direct supporters of statements (including direct supporters of all sub statements) must receive via e-mail, all postings to these "camp" forums.
We believe these forums should be of the type used in forums.
Each camp forum will have "topics" which will be single threaded discussions on that camp topic. When a new post is made to an existing topic, or to a new topic, that topic rises to the top of the list, pushing all other topics down. Topics themselves are also organized with the most recent post at the top of the list.
We hope there is an open source forum system that will get us very close to these requirements, along with the ability to enhance and make it into what we may need and expand to in the future.
The formatting and post editing system used for posting, should be at least compatible with whatever is used in the statement text wiki formatting. Evidently there are many more wiki editing systems available now, compared to 18 months ago when I selected the purple wiki formatting system. It should be able to convert to whatever system we select.

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