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Go live Time : 02 June 2007, 04:22 PM
Wikipedia has separate 'wikis' for different languages. An important part of the Canonizer is communicating with everyone, especially people of other cultures and languages. We believe Wikipedia's use of separate isolated wikis for each language is counter to such goals.

Everything will be unified in the same system with canonizer.com. All submissions will indicate which language they are in. Browsers can configure things to only pay attention to data available in specified languages. If a browser finds a piece of information for which there is not a translation into the currently selected language, such will be indicated, and the original language will be used along with a reference as to how to submit a translation. If the browser is on a page for which there are multiple translations into their language of any information, the most relevant translation (as selected by the currently selected canonizer) will be displayed along with links indicating there are other translations. As with everything else, participators will be able to provide 'support' for various translations indicating they are in the 'camp' that believes that is the best available translation of the data. A smaller portion of the revenue received from pages containing such translations will be credited to the translator's account. Any participator can contribute any translation any time, and it will become available or 'live' the instant it is submitted. Translators will be able to notify direct supporters of the data being translated in topic forums and provide drafts of translations for review and pre approval before submission as they see fit. There is probably prior art for having people 'vote' on the validity of multiple translations, but there is no prior art for having multiple translations being 'canonized' according the browsers chosen values in this way that I know of.

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