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Unethical Collaboration

Unethical Collaboration Should be Exposed, Not Overlooked

It is the position of this camp that unethical collaboration that undermines a public or community interest should be exposed in the interest of the health and well-being of the relevant community, not overlooked.

Sadly, people with hidden agendas and special interests that constitute conflicts of interest with the public or community welfare, routinely attempt to suppress criticism of their efforts as illegitimate and unhealthy criticism that warrants condemnation in the name and disingenuous application of civility standards or otherwise promote arbitrary condemnation and marginalization of critics by raising questions or otherwise promoting unfavorable insinuations about their rationality and credibility, solely on the basis of the questions or concerns expressed, without appropriate inquiry into their legitimacy.

Some suggest that the very term, "Conspiracy Theories" and "Conspiracy Theorists" was both coined and promoted, by agencies within the American Intelligence Community, in an effort to marginalize both discussion and individuals who engage in discussion that is, by its very nature, a threat to job security and funding of programs and officials that are intolerably corrupt and unfit for public support.

Whatever the origin of the term might be, it is quite clear and obvious that the term "Conspiracy Theory" or "Conspiracy Theorist" is routinely employed arbitrarily as a term of disparagement where such is hardly warranted. The objective is to marginalize appropriate and legitimate inquiry and those who advocate it or engage in it.

It is the position of this camp that a healthy community is one that is plainly aware of the natural propensity and temptation for corruption (placing self-interests or special interests above community interests by public officials) that is inherent in the reality of the species, and as such is the case, takes care and diligence to attend to the risks with appropriate and constant checks and balances, a vigorous and ethical press, and wide support for the expression and diligent investigation of community concerns.

Unethical collaboration that defies or undermines legitimate community interests may give rise to conspiracy theories, conspiracy facts, or natural propensities for seemingly collaborative efforts by more than one individual or entities that may not include formal agreements, but most certainly involves orchestrated actions that support special interests at the expense of legitimate community interests.

See Sample Scenario

Additional Links to sample scenarios of unethical collaboration will be added to this camp.

Please support this camp if you agree that Unethical Collaboration that undermines legitimate community interests should be exposed and investigated and openly discussed in the interest of a healthy community.

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