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Conspiracy Theories and Such

This topic is being opened to explore the general topic of Conspiracy Theories and related discussions. It is intended that this topic will employ Alternate Survey Functionality as proposed in This Suggestion

A separate camp will be set up for each discussion sub topic for which a unique point of view can be identified as one that may have potential support.

An indication of support for a particular camp (point of view) indicates that the supporter believes that theory to have sufficient basis, as stated, to warrant public concern and further investigation.

Support for a particular camp does not indicate, in this case, that the supporter is prepared to make an assertion that the position is absolutely true, but rather, that enough probable cause for concern exists to warrant a meaningful investment of time, attention, and resources to appropriately address the potential threats or concerns as indicated.

The topic is entitled Conspiracy Theories and Such, because the term "Conspiracy Theories" has evolved in common usage to subsume (sometimes inappropriately) not only theories about conspiracies, but also discussion of actual conspiracies for which conclusive proof is widely understood and available, conspiracy concerns that are entirely reasonable for people to have while yet falling short of being actual theories, and discussion of collaborative propensities and realities that may well exist or occur even where conspiratorial meetings, communication, and directives are not necessarily part of the scenario, but rather the naturally motivated efforts of special interests supporting corollary special interests for their own reasons that may well be corrupt or counter to a greater public interest, but not inclusive of actual collaboration agreements.

It is recommended that those interested in participating or contributing to this discussion avail themselves of the following resources as discussion primers....

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Dr. Steven Greer Documentary "Unacknowledged"

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on Corruption of American Media and Alternative Warfare

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