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National Defense is Required

National Defense is a Requirement of National Security

The reality of divergent and categorically incompatible world views and world philosophies is an inescapable truth about the context of our continued existence on this planet.

Among our fellow residents on planet earth are those who believe in a benevolent and just God who loves each of us equally; those who believe there is an arbitrary and frightful God who loves his chosen people above all others; those who believe there is no God, but who subscribe to egalitarian philosophies of equanimity, peace, and justice for all, just the same; and those who believe there is neither a God nor any notion of morality beyond might and power and the destiny of a ruling class to rule and exploit all others by no other virtue or divine right or justification than their success in the competition to rule that knows no bounds.

As such is the case, the world is and always will be at war on some level.

Love of justice, and one's fellow man, therefore, demands preparedness for, effectiveness at, and a commitment to engage in war as required by national defense and the defense of the principles of justice that are a requirement of peace. Such is inescapable and the ignorance and naivete that fails to understand and acknowledge this reality is a dangerous threat to national security, categorically intolerable in public service, and grossly unqualified for relevant discussion.

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