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Go live Time : 19 May 2022, 01:28 AM

Beautifully Engineered Bridge Across Dimple Dell

There is no easy way to cut across the Dimple Dell Park between 1300 East and Wasatch Boulevard. This causes increased amount of traffic for both roads, including all the increase pollution and miles driven. The 1300 east crossing is an embankment, with a long dark spider filled tunnel. Most people would prefer to extend highland drive across dimple dell with a nice bridge that doesn’t interfere with the park at all.

The world is full of famous, beautifully engineered bridges. A few examples of pictures are listed below. We think a beautifully engineered and iconic bridge like those would significantly enhance Sandy City, without taking anything away from Dimple Dell Park.



We request anyone, including bridge engineering firms to make some proposals as sub camps to this camp, in a competition to see which ones become the most popular.

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