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Go live Time : 17 March 2023, 11:04 PM


Sandy City Flag

UPDATE: Sandy City's Flag Design Review Committee has come up with 6 finalists. You can read about them Here. 

The purpose of this topic is for people to propose new flags, in a way that people can vote for them. If you have a graphic for a new flag, and have registered on Canonizer, you can create a camp for it here so people can vote on it by taking these steps:

  1.  Select the <Start new supporting camp here>.
  2.  A new camp form will come up. The only field you need to enter is the camp name for your flag. For example, you could use your name as the camp name. Once you have provided a name, select the “Create Camp” button to create the camp.
  3.  Upload the image of your flag by taking the “Upload File” option on the side bar.
  4.  Chose the file to upload and give it a “File Name” to use on the canonizer server.
  5.  Once uploaded, you can see the list of all your uploaded images, and the “Short Code” you can use to display that uploaded image in a camp statement.
  6.  In your new camp you can take the “Add Camp Statement” button then add this “Short Code”. You can “preview” your statement to be sure it is what you want, then submit it.
  7.  Vote For a Flag: Once your camp is created, you or anyone can vote for your flag camp by selecting the “Directly Join and Support” button on the page for your camp. (Note: People can vote for more than one camp, in their preferred order, and you can change your vote at any time.)

    This topic is part of the Sandy City Consensus Project.

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