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Go live Time : 29 July 2008, 02:17 PM
It would be exactly unwise to consider ourselves knowledgeable enough of the world, the universe, to assume that effecting change to ourselves is not an extreme act of blind and ignorant self centeredness and opposing the appropriate/pertainent free and open routes, free and open seekings of nature that birth and maintain, in an exact interest, to include ourselves itself. The motivation to change man, mans nature via physical manipulation, does not seem to contradict at all an ideology, philsophically rejected by Socrates in an attempt to suppress a self centered tyranny of the Sophists that referrred to man as the meausre of all things and gave him a sense of freedoms that not only served self centered gain via a justification of the pursuit of wish, but, as argued by Socrates not only lacked a sense of justice in that it opposed the common good, but brought him shame. A hand of justice delivers honor as itis given with honor. refusal of it refuses the individual self honor. In this sense a parallel of punishment for violation of justice though does not refer to the potential ignorance of law suggested to exist if one believes in natuiral ethic,a conceptual unity to all that exists, as is the fundamental grounding belief in the scientific pursuit to elucidate an organization to nature,the induction of change that is premature to the understanding of an ethic may not correspond in an exact sense with the notion that "intention is 90 percent of the law". In the intention to effect physical change to mankind we have an intuitive, but false and invalid idea, that "honest reasoned "intention" (especially based on studius,long term and thoughtfull observation, analysis and test) lessens, protects from (natures') punishment for violation. It is nature itself from which our thoughts philosophies and moral judgements are mirrored,and of which, in a bold,self centered state, gives birth to fool hardy challange. Common reason would suggest an unidentified natural threat, in an intuitively perceptually received "bold and fool hardy state as a motivating force for intentions...a potential description of chosen suicide with honor.... yet, in such a darkness that the threat, not identified, may amount to more than a sensually perceived threat in an unexposed darkness akin to a feather chronically applied to delicate spot, or at an extremity to cause an irritation/sore grown to feel greater in weight/force than the self in relation to the gravitational force of the earth to the self. Have we not since the beginning sought to fly too conquer gravity when all that we effected is a means to invade the alien seeking resources to maintain the same( a means to invade). Life at a fast flying pace, to the best systems expert, if off center from the norm can dampen/supplant . is this not a world of vast efforts to supplant and change-a constant repetitive unwise, blind, linear, simple and ignorant occupation.

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