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Go live Time : 26 April 2022, 06:20 PM

Borders closed to anyone are sinfully selfish

We believe Christ would NEVER close boarders to ANYONE, and we believe anyone who votes to close our boarders or “build a wall” or make it difficult to come to the United States in any way are selfish evil sinners. There must be a full restitution made for selfish sins of this type before there can be true justice.

The “Sustainable” camp makes claims like “It is clearly evident that the United States struggles to support its own citizenry who are in need.” But consider what Poland is doing, helping the Citizens of Ukraine. Poor people in the US live like kings, compared to the poor people in Poland, and 3rd world countries. So many less rich than the US countries are like the widow in the bible, giving up their mites to help others in need, while we, one of the richest countries in the world, make claims like that and refuse to do a tenth as much as some of them are doing. Look at the burden the US is imposing on countries like Mexico, insisting that people wait in those poorer and more generous counties for so long before we even consider them. Our conscience is able to feel guilty because of the way our country does things like that.

Another “value” they claim is “Immigration policy should not allow any immigration for those whose reputations demonstrate hostility to American culture”. To us, this is nothing but hate and intolerance of other differences. We believe the more diversity the better, the more languages the better. We are not haters. We love EVERYONE and value ALL cultures.

Join Us And Help Sponsor

We understand that it helps people wanting to come to the United States to have a sponsor. We want anyone, anywhere to know that the supporters of this camp want Canonizer.com LLC to do all it can to ether directly sponsor anyone who needs a sponsor. And if we can’t handle all requests, we will do our best to find someone else who can. We invite everyone who is willing to help with sponsors to support us in this camp’s effort.

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