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Address Corruption

No problem will ever be fixed or corrected until it is acknowledged.

Since incremental elements of corruption of all government and political institutions is a known and predictable phenomenon that will necessarily occur if painstaking efforts are not made to keep it in check, it becomes the duty of rational men (short for all genders) to routinely and regularly assess, acknowledge, and address the risks.

For the purposes of this acknowledgement, we define corruption to include the tendencies of government officials, individually, and/or government agencies, to serve private special interests or agendas at the expense of the greater good of their legitimate constituents. We reject the notion of defining corruption to be limited only to quid pro quo reciprocal influence peddling.

We acknowledge that the degree to which instances of corruption are found in American institutions is serious and requires seriously effective remedial attention to which any candidate for public service must be committed, as a qualification for public service.

More detailed information on corruption of American Institutions can be found at politac.org - click here with links to related questionnaires and documentaries.

It is the view of this camp that every minute of time spent in discussion and development of other public platform planks, no matter how completely we may agree with them, is a complete waste of time if we continue to elect officials and support parties that do not absolutely require candidates for public service to be well informed of the very real issues of the corruption of American Institutions and publicly demonstrate their resolve to address the reality of the corruption with serious attention and reform. Absent a platform plank endorsement to this effect, nothing they say on any other subject should be taken seriously.

Empty insincere lip service to controversial issues is nothing but a game of distraction engaged by those who are part of the problem of corruption.


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