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Go live Time : 15 April 2022, 11:45 PM

The FDA Impinges On Our freedom

Diabetics are all to familiar with how the FDA destroys peoples lives. The rules the companies making diabetic systems need to follow results in primitive crap systems, compared to what we could have. They think they are trying to 'protect' diabetics, but instead they just make our lives shorter, because of overbearing bureaucracy and rules. The systems are so bad, in the US, Brent Allsop wanted to get a far better pump made outside the US. Unlike diabetics in the rest of the world, because of the effing FDA, he had to find a company outside the US that would agree to let him purchase one from the, then find some way to get it shipped to the US, basically break the law, because of the FDA rules. It is a $4000 device, and brent had to pay far above that, to cover currency exchange, and then pay someone to ship it too him.

Another example is the Samsung Watch. In the rest of the world, this watch monitors blood pressure. But not in the US, because of the effin FDA. Samsung had to make a special version, just for the US, to placate this terrible bureaucracy. Sure, it isn't the most accurate, but with constant calibration, it could improve the life span of people suffering from dynamic high blood pressure that is constantly fluctuating, and requires constant monitoring. The longer people go without a great tool like this, the shorter their life will be.

We believe people should have the freedom to make their own choices. We don't want the government interfering in and destroying our lives. The FDA must stop this kind of freedom destroying stuff NOW.

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