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Go live Time : 03 December 2010, 11:03 PM
The question is a bit ill-formed, but it comes down to a matter of faith. Faith in self, faith in God and self.

Regarding what I believe on "Is More Accomplished By Ourselves Than By Divine Intervention?", I've experimented both ways: putting or holding myself, and putting or holding God in the lead position. In my research, and reading others' accounts, the latter always works out moreso to the good, whereas pure self-centered actions create more troubles than they cure, particularly as we age.

I "see" these things through a lens as a follower where the spirit is moving ahead, preparing a way. So, yes, after the fact, surviving a heart bypass procedure a skillful crew of doctors and nurses at "Methodist" improved and restored functions of my heart. But who built the hospital and how were the funds raised, and what were the their motivations and then what were the names and spiritual histories of ALL the schools the doctors and nurses attended?

I'm aware one can paint it either way. That is why faith is called faith. If you have it or develop it, then you have it. If you don't or you decide to turn away from it, then you don't.

People do do a lot. Yet, from a faith-based perspective, we are or can serve as God's hands and feet, and mouths, etc.

Faith is still a very personal decision.

How did you arrive at this point? What's happening tomorrow? Next year? In twenty years? In 10,000 years? Where will you be?

Think about it.

Best regards, Ralph Frost

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