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Go live Time : 09 September 2008, 01:35 AM
There is little or no substantial, objective evidence that anything has ever been accomplished by divine intervention. It is very difficult to separate fact from myth in ancient writings and oral traditions. Individuals are certainly entitled to their beliefs to the contrary, but as a matter of personal faith. In contrast, all that we know from history and archaeology amounts to an abundant testimonial to what human beings can accomplish. No story is nearly as awe-inspiring as the story of the development of science and technology. Although we do not yet have a comprehensive theory of the ultimate nature of reality, we have learned much about how the universe has developed over the past 13.7 billion years. We know where atoms came from and what they are, how the solar system and Earth formed and developed, and how life evolved. We know that life is a matter of very complex and evolving systems of molecular machinery, and we are beginning to understand how to manipulate the natural world to achieve human ends. There is every reason to expect and hope that our wondrous accomplishments are just beginning.

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