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First Amendment - Religious Fraud

Applicability of the First Amendment to Religious Fraud and Insincerely Professed Religious Beliefs
Every candidate and every political party who fields candidates for public office should both have and publish their position on this camp topic (First Amendment Applicability to Religious Fraud) as a condition for public support, so people know how the candidate proposes to represent them, and they (the people) can hold him (shorthand for all genders) accountable for how their actual representation and votes compare to what their campaign position on this topic was.

On Monday, August 5, 2019 a federal lawsuit was filed against the (formerly Mormon) Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (COP) as a proposed class action to recover damages on behalf of Laura Gaddy and all others similarly situated for fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and a number of other causes of action including RICO (Racketeering). The complaint has been subsequently amended multiple times to refine the arguments. A ruling from the Court on certain Amendments and a Motion to Dismiss is pending.

The case has been suppressed in the press, largely (in the opinion of the well informed) due to the economic power of the Mormon Corporate empire whose credibility is in the process of being dismantled due to the legitimacy of the complaints, the Political Power of the American Intelligence Community who stands threatened by the potential for a highly questionable relationship and dealings that it has with the Mormon Corporate Empire being exposed, the irrational fear of the press over concerns that publicly airing out the highly controversial issues might be off putting to readership, and concerns over loss of public confidence in the United States Department of Justice and the United States Judiciary looming from the political corner the case has now boxed the Judiciary into over a choice over a decision that has needed Corporate and Political support important to Judicial careers but that involves the trampling of legitimate jurisprudence that is sure to be exposed to alarming effect.

Nevertheless, the case (Gaddy v. LDS) now constitutes one of the most pivotal constitutional questions before the United State Public that is tied to what is widely believed to be the largest massive rolling fraud in the history of the United States involving the infiltration and corruption of agencies of the United States government.

No political controversy more completely and thoroughly presents itself with the potential of exposing to the people of the United States, the moral character, ethics, intellectual preparedness, and political resolve of any potential candidate for public office than the fundamental questions exposed by Gaddy v. LDS.

Supporters of the inclusion of this plank in any political platform suggest that no candidate should be considered for public office while side stepping and ducking the moral, ethical, constitutional, political, religious, and social issues that this case presents. They should be required to demonstrate their qualifications for public office by actually studying, becoming conversant in the specific issues, and taking a public position on the unique pivotal issues that are involved in this particular case.

The separate inclusion of this platform plank (camp) is necessary and not a duplication of other discussion of First Amendment rights involving Religious Freedoms in that it uniquely deals with the questions that apply in the instance of fraud and demonstrable insincerity in represented beliefs of a Religious Institution.

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