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Native Hawaiian Rights

January 16, 1893, Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani was deposed in coup d’état staged by American businessmen supported by a detachment of US Marines. 100 years later the US Congress offered a formal apology and acknowledged it was an illegal act.

The question remains; what, if anything, can or should be done to redress the action the United States of America illegally took against native Hawaiians?

Every candidate and every political party who fields candidates for public office should both have and publish their position on this camp topic (Native Hawaiian Rights) as a condition for public support, so people know how the candidate proposes to represent them, and they (the people) can hold him (shorthand for all genders) accountable for how their actual representation and votes compare to what their campaign position on this topic was.

Please consider the topic (Native Hawaiian Rights) for which you believe some position should be part of the platform you support.

The point here is to indicate that some position on this topic should be included in a party's platform. Not to indicate, here, what that particular position on the topic is. You can weigh in on specific positions where the links to do that indicate.

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