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The Iranian government signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in 1970. After a whistleblower provided evidence that Iran was developing nuclear weapons, the UN Security Council demanded that Iran cease enriching uranium in 2006.

In November 2021, Iran declared that they were indeed planning to create nuclear weapons.

Should Iran be allowed nuclear weapons? Would obtaining nuclear weapons destabilize an already volatile region? Will Iran share it's nuclear weapons with terrorists? Can Iran be trusted to abide by a new nuclear treaty?

What do you think?

Every candidate and every political party who fields candidates for public office should both have and publish their position on this camp topic (Iran Nuclear Treaty) as a condition for public support, so people know how the candidate proposes to represent them, and they (the people) can hold him (shorthand for all genders) accountable for how their actual representation and votes compare to what their campaign position on this topic was.

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