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Go live Time : 29 July 2008, 03:24 PM
Where does the buck stop with respect to the wisdom of new technologies? at the creators of technology, with the salesman, with the scholar? Any of these might not have considered this question, none would want to play god. If one to make decisions requires enlightenment, is there an end to mans enlightenment in terms of an absolute knowledge. Is not a salesman seeking,as well as yourself, gain beyond whatyou already have? If what you already have is necessary for subsistence is not seeking to gain in that respect an unnecessary gamble. What one may see as an elightenment withan ultimate end may only have at its' root a forgotten very old single question/incentive amisdt many, by logical necessity,existing diversities-of which a single one is repetitively dwelled upon, indicating also that a solution is not known/found, and the salesmans answers are not it but maybe only a temporary remedy that is placed in a false hierachy,given false significance. Suffering does not always have at its' absolute source a den of torture suitable for the application of aspirin or morphine, or a directly construable route of cause and effect. Science can be endoctrinating to the point of being deleterious to the senses. The world is not definable,but potentially flattened, decked, interms of science. Only aspects of situations can analysed with respect to components/parts, bits and pieces analysis. Broad common sense tells us that anything, somethings can be brought about by anything bearing any name. The giant stepping on the ant doesnt require morphine, morphine wont cure the ants problem, a "whats' your problem ?" is the only solution, and most likely would not be as nitty-gritty bits and pieces, as the charge on electrons, magnetic mono-poles in order to conceive it,:resolve it maybe but magnetic mono poles even at 1000 for a cent wont actually help, even they can relieve pain, until the giantis found and his problem solved. They might even if used too much affect the giants attractions that modulate his gait adversely on both your behalfs.

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