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Contribution Recognition

Currently, everyone earns 1 recognition share of Canonizer LLC for each hour of labor they contribute. This does not include content data being submitted. Some people have also been given 1 share for each $100 of capital contributed to get things started. Hybrid compensation is also possible. For example, if someone is paid $25/hour for development effort, they would receive (1 - .25) or .75 shares for that hour. To account for the fact that earlier contributions have more value than later contributions, currently contributions earn interest equal to 10% / year, compounded monthly.

Until systems are more formalized, this data is being stored in an MS Excel spreadsheet. Anyone can request a copy of this spreadsheet at any time, and we will eventually make this publicly accessible.

Canonizer recognition shares are not stock, securities, or any kind of legal binding right to equity. There is no legal ownership, guaranteed right to dividends, or control of Canonizer LLC of any kind implied by these shares. The goal is that these shares will be used as a template to structure legal ownership of Canonizer at some time in the future. There is, however, absolutely no guarantee that this will take place.

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