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Go live Time : 16 August 2021, 07:48 PM

Contribution Recognition

Currently, everyone earns 1 recognition share of Canonizer LLC for each hour of labor they contribute doing agreed on tasks. People are also given 1 share of recognition for each $100 of capital contributed to Canonizer development and operation. Hybrid compensation between these two is also possible. For example, if someone is paid $25/hour for development efforts, they would receive (1 - .25) or .75 shares for that hour. To account for the fact that earlier contributions have more value than later contributions, current contributions earn interest equal to 10% / year, compounded monthly.

These shares are currently accumulated and publicly tracked in the Master Canonizer Share Sheet. The number of shares in that sheet are being used in the Canonizer Canonizer algorithm.

Canonizer recognition shares are not stock, securities, or any kind of legally binding right to equity. They do grant rights of voting on Canonizer governance issues, like determining which companies will be accepted for paid development contracts, selecting employees to hire and other governance issues. There is no legal ownership, quid-pro-quo, guaranteed right to dividends, or control of Canonizer LLC of any kind implied by these shares. The goal is that these shares will be used as a template to structure legal ownership of Canonizer at some time in the future. The goal is to have either a public stock offering or initial coin offering of canon crypto coins. At that time, the legal requirements to make such an offering in the United States will be completed. There is no guarantee that this will take place, nor any guarantee of how the real ownership shares will be allocated amongst shares allocated in the Master Canonizer Share Sheet.

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