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Currently everyone is being given 1 share of Canonizer LLC per hour for all Canonizer LLC development work (this does not include topic data being submitted which will be compensated differently. See Content Compensation). Some people have also been given 1 share for each $100 of capital contributed to get things started.
If you do any agreed on help with Canonizer LLC development that could potentially result in any ownership of Canonizer LLC please report this to for recording. Some claimed ownership rights may be increased or decreased in the future through a canonization process, based on perceived value, but anything that has a possibility of just ownership according to any POV can be submitted initially.
Currently the top priority is just getting the word out since nobody knows about this yet. So if you spend any time on activities promoting, be sure to report your time. Also, recruiting other promoters or partners to get things moving faster would help. Towards this end, for the time being, if anyone recruits a new contributor, once that recruit has earned 100 shares, the recruiter will be granted 33 additional shares.
Until systems are more formalized this data is being stored in an MS Excel spreadsheet for which an occasionally updated copy can be downloaded here. Once you've reported a claim, please check this spreadsheet to be sure your work and equity ownership is properly recorded.
To avoid over dilution of canonizer LLC shares, once we achieve critical mass, it will likely no longer be possible to receive canonizer LLC shares simply by doing 1 hour of development work. Instead people will be compensated mostly by cache for any such "contracted" work as we can afford such. Again, all of this will be controlled in a very dynamic and always changing way by the canonizer so nothing is ever guaranteed. All we will say is we will always work towards being as just as is possible via the canonizer according to our ultimate goal of eventually achieving perfect justice for all. If the canonizer ever makes an initial mistake, hopefully this can be recognized as soon as possible and a just restitution quickly made.
These "shares" are different than traditional "shares" of a company in the legal sense. They are more just a kind of pseudo share that is simply a formalized way to keep track of any work done by anyone towards Canonizer LLC development. To the extent possible, the distribution of any spoils and control of Canonizer LLC will be determined by these shares as decided, as justly as possible with 20/20 hindsight, by the Canonizer Canonizer. Rather than having distributable profits, if ever any, Canonizer LLC will attempt to distribute, as expenses, pseudo distributions to these pseudo shares. There is no legal ownership, guaranteed right to dividends, or control of Canonizer LLC of any kind implied by these pseudo shares, other than that granted by the Canonizer in the future.

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