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Go live Time : 11 October 2022, 02:45 PM


The current understanding of consciousness in the world is abysmal. No religions distinguish between reality and knowledge of reality in any of their teachings about “spirits” or anything “transcendental”, proving all their teaching are bull crap. No physicist or anyone knows the intrinsic color property of anything. Nobody knows what color is. The only consistent messaging in any scientific journal articles (including peer reviewed ones) and media outlets is that nobody agrees on anything, which canonizer is now showing is false.

The goal is to make the Consciousness Consensus, and it’s top Theories of Consciousness topic to become the world’s leading trusted source of information on the theoretical science of mind. Achieving this will bring some great credibility to Canonizer.

Important tasks include things like:
  1. Answering questions about consciousness on Quora, pulling people into Canonizer.
  2. Recruiting people promoting theories and writing papers about consciousness to canonizer their work.
  3. Contact philosophical blogs and other media places that discuss theories of consciousness, with the goal of recruiting more participators.

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